• Day 2 (04.25.2015): Main Stage A

    Main Stage A, Saturday, April 25
    Theme: Game Theories & Strategies
    MC: Amanda Tan, Head of Membership Services, GMGC
    08:00-10:00 Registration
    10:00-10:20 Keynote: Investment Funds in the Launch of a Game
    GMGC / Kunshan Municipal Government
    10:20 - 10:35 Keynote: Blue Ocean of Technology - Microsoft Ecosystem in Game Globalization
      Jeff Lyndon, President, iDreamSky
    10:35 - 10: 50 Keynote: A Platform Worth Developing For, Windows 10
      Ben Zhang, CEO, 247 Technology
    10:50 - 11:05 Keynote: LATAM Digital Tsunami 2015
      Arturo Velez, Co-Founder & China CEO, Naranya
    11:05 - 11:30 Keynote: Immersion: The Key Factor Of A Successful Game
      Roy Tang, CEO, Brain Intelligence
    11:30-11:45 Keynote: From the Data: The Development of Mobile Games in 2015
      Bryan Xu, COO, TalkingData
    11:45-12:00 Keynote: The Year 2020 for Industry Professional
    Lunch - 12:00-13:30
    MC: TBD
    13:30-14:15 Panel: Balancing Your User & Ad Experiences
      Moderator: Ran Avrahamy, Head of Marketing, AppsFlyer
      Aurelie Guerrieri, GM of North America, MobPartner
      Clement Huang,Chief Product Officer,Madhouse
      Simon Zhu, VP of Global Business, Domob
      Stephen Upstone, Co-Founder & CEO, LoopMe
    14:15-14:30 Keynote: Keys to the Russian App Market
      Sergey Konovalov, Co-Founder & Executive Director, Mobio
    14:30-14:45 Keynote: 5 Lessons Learned on Bringing Core Gamers to Touch Screens
      Kristian Segerstrale, COO & Executive Director, Super Evil Megacorp
    14:45-15:00 Keynote: Keynote: Intelligent Robots Create New Home Entertainment Experience
      Yixing Zhou, COO, Chengdu Block-studio technolog
    15:00-15:15 Keynote: How Mobile Carriers Can Help Mobile Game Developers
      Xiaoyang Lai, Director of Business Operations, Migu Interactive
    15:15-16:10 Panel: The Future of Gaming Companies
      Moderator: Eric Sun, CEO, Anqu.com
      Yi Gu, Vice GM, Century Yeatan
      Albert Hua, CEO, Ucloud
      Fishman Woo, CEO, Firestone Software
      Bobby Gao, CEO, Wuyou Game
    16:10-17:00 Panel:The Next Step In Household Entertainment——TV Games
      Moderator: Misty, Chief Editor, Sina.com Game Department
      Gio Zhang, VP, Skymobi
      Jason Ni, CEO, 1SDK
      Wayne Zhang,SVP,CMGE
      Biniyi Sun,CEO,Xi Mi Interactive
      Zheng Ren, President Assistant, BesTV
    17:00 - 17:50 Panel: How Hardware Will Enable the Next Generation of Mobile Games
      Moderator: Wanxin Chen, CEO, Dogame
      Zoe Cao, CEO, Newgame Interaction Technology
      Juan He, Director of Business Development, Glu Mobile
      Xiangyu Wang, CSO, ZTE9
      Cheng Wang, GM, Chengdu North Latitude SanLing Network
      Felix Liu, VP of China Sales, ARM
    17:50-18:00 Closing Ceremony
  • Day 2 (04.25.2015): Indie Pitch Arena

    Function Hall C, 25th April 2015
      MC: Mohammed Matough, Senior International Cooperation Manager, GMGC
    13:30-13:40 Opening speech
      David Song, General Secretary, GMGC
    13:40-13:50 Sponsor Welcome Speech
      Jianyu Chen, President, Feiyu Technology
    13:50-14:00 Introduction of Judges and Rules
    14:00-14:15 Developer: Starteams
      Game: Castle Quest
    14:15-14:30 Developer: BeiJing Anyou Technology
      Game: Beach Farm
    14:30-14:45 Developer: Tama Global
      Game: Escape from the Pyramid
    114:45-15:00 Developer: Tianjin High U Digital Technology
      Game: Piggy Run
    15:00-15:15 Developer: Maxon Creative
      Game: Million Quiz
    15:15-15:30 Developer: GuangZhou YueLiang Information Technology
      Game: Big Bang
    15:30-15:45 Developer: Tianjin Dotoyou Technology
      Game: Koi
    Intermission - 15:45-16:00
    16:00-16:15 Developer: Touch
      Game: Tide of Iron
    16:15-16:30 Developer: Magical Tree Studios
      Game: Dungeon of the Endless
    16:30-16:45 Developer: Dalian Jindingzhuoyue Technology
    Game: Royal Air Force
    16:45-17:00 Developer: Cute Raccoon
      Game: Battlefield of Terrain
    17:00-17:15 Developer: Vorax Games
      Game: Day of the Viking
    17:15-17:30 Developer: Liger Games
      Game: Puzzle Dungeon
    17:30-17:45 Developer: Protégé Production
      Game: Minion Clash
    17:45-18:00 Developer: Shanghai YuYue Information Technology
      Game: Maze Joker
    Intermission - 18:00-18:10
    18:10-18:30 Announcement of winners
  • Day 1-2 (04.24-25.2015) D-Forge

    Function Hall A
    Day 1
    Function Hall B
    Day 1
    10:00-12:00 HeTao Technology Product Launch - Press Conference 360 Mobile D-Forge
    14:00-18:00 CMGE D-Forge Baidu D-Forge
    Day 2
    Day 2
    10:00-12:00 37 Mobile D-Forge Tecent Mobile Platform D-Forge
    14:00-18:00 China Recruitment Event Google D-Forge
    Google D-Forge
    14:00-14:15 Opening Speech: Go Global with Google
      Chris Yerga, VP of Engineering & Google Play APAC, Google
    14:15-14:45 Topic 1: Running a successful gaming business with Google Play
      Leon Zhao, Business Development, Google Play
    14:45-15:15 Topic 2: Mobile Game Global Opportunities
      Hui Deng, Head of gaming, LCS China
    15:15-15:45 Topic 3: Game Branding Promotion
      XiaoXiao, GRCN Leads, SMB Appdev Sales
    15:45-16:15 Topic 4: Google New Product
      Yiwei, Mobile Industry Mananger, Online Partnership Group
    Break - 16:15-16:30
    16:30-17:00 Topic 5: Introduction of Google Developers Ecosystem Resources
      Bill Luan, Greater China Regional Lead, Developer Relations
    17:00-17:30 Topic 6: Games on Google Play
      Kun Hu, Senior Developer Advocate, Developer Relations
    17:30-17:35 Closing
  • Day 1 (04.24.2015): Developer Camp

    Developer Camp Friday, April 24
    09:00-09:50 Registration
    09:50-10:00 Opening Address:
      MC: To Be Determined
    10:00-10:30 Keynote: Best Cloud For The Best Games
      Albert Hua, Co-founder&COO, UCloud
    10:30-11:00 Keynote:Competitive Product Strategy
      Norman Lo, CEO, KingsToy
    11:00-11:20 Keynote: Mobile Game Q1 Data Report
      Yustar Wang, CEO, Dataeye
    11:20-11:40 Keynote: APP&HTML5 with one click integration of? global payment?
      ?Chuang Wang, VP, iAppPay Billing
    11:40-12:00 Keynote: The Brazilian Market For Games And Internet Businesses
      Ricardo Gracia, CEO & President, Kidy Calcados
    Lunch - 12:00-13:30
    Competitive Strategies For Overseas Markets
    13:30-13:50 Keynote: How to successfully distribute HTML5 games overseas
      Alexander Krug, CEO, SOFTGAMES
    13:50-14:10 Keynote: A Strategic Guide to Key Growth Markets in South East Asia
      Gerald Tock, Chieftain, Inzen Studio
    14:10-14:40 Keynote: How Leading Gaming Companies Leverage AWS for Global Success
    Amazon Web Services
    14:40-15:00 Keynote: iOS, Android and Platform Wars: Opportunities and Strategies for Competing in the US Mobile Market
      Andrej Nabergoj, CEO, Iddiction
    15:00-15:20 Keynote: Acquire, Engage, Monetise and Retain Gamers
      Sergio Salvador, Global Head of Game Partnerships, Google
    15:20-15:40 Keynote: Developing Mobile Games with Unreal Engine
      Niklas Smedberg, Senior Engine Programmer, Epic Games
    15:40-16:00 Keynote: Faster insights with data: Managing evolving and disparate data sets in real-time
      Nils Pihl, Co-Founder & CEO, Traintracks.io
    16:00-16:20 Keynote: Discover the best games
      Maarten Noyons, Founder & CEO, IMGA
    16:20-16:40 Keynote: How a 10-Year Old Little Girl Can Make a Mobile Game - Industry Secrets
      Yifei Wang, XDL Small Robots & Microsoft Distinguished Lecturer 
    16:40-17:00 Keynote: Game Users' Requirements For Engaging Gameplay
      Pi Zhang, CEO, Playoff Interaction Network
  • Day 1 (04.24.2015): Main Stage B & Main Stage A

    Main Stage B Friday, April 24
    Theme: Gaming Next
    Main Stage A Friday, April 24
    Theme: Global Domination
    MC: Morganna Nickoff, International Marketing Director, GMGC MC: Amanda Tan, Head of Membership Services, GMGC
    08:00-09:30 Registration 08:00-09:30 Registration
    9:30-10:00 Opening Ceremony 9:30-10:00 Opening Ceremony
    Ministry of Culture/ Ministry of Industry Opening Remarks: Jianzhong Ni, Executive VP of the China Mobile Communications Association
    China Mobile Communications Association Opening Remarks: Yefei Wang, Deputy Director of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Press and Publication Beijing Copyright Bureau
    Internet Society of China 9:40-9:50 GMGC South Korea - Strategic Partnership Signing Ceremony
    9:50-10:00 Global Launch of TVGA
    Guests include: China Telecom, Baidu, TCL, Tencent,360
    10:00-10:15 Keynote: The Rise of the E-sports Market 10:00-10:15 Keynote: Baidu Games: Looking To Today And The Future
    Alex Du, VP, CMGE Annie Wang, CEO Baidu Games
    10:15-10:30 Keynote: Q1 Mobile Game Industry Trends 10:15-10:30 Keynote: A Look Forward To The Chinese Game Industry in 2020
    Jie Chen, SVP, Qihoo 360 Ran Feng, Mobile Game Business Director, Baidu Mobile Game
    10:30-10:45 Keynote: 2015: Mobile Games Go Hardcore 10:30-10:45 Keynote: Reviewing the R&D and Publishing of Linekong Interactive by its IP and Universal Entertainment Strategy
    Zhigao Xu, President, 37 Mobile Game Mingxiang Liao, President, Linekong
    10:45-11:00 Keynote: Where Will Innovation In Mobile Games Happen Next? 10:45-11:00 Keynote:The Mission Of Telecom Operators As Mobile Games Globalize
    Fang Chen, CEO, Kunlun Games Watson Wang, Operations Director, Dazzle Interactive Network Technologies Co. Ltd
    11:00-11:15 Keynote: How To Move Towards A Quality Orientated Model Of Game Development 11:00-11:15 Keynote: Discussing The Future of Games From Genome Sequencing
    Yang Song, President, GY Games Yingrui Li, CSO, BGI
    11:15-11:30 Keynote: Google Play Opportunity In Global Markets 11:15-12:00 Panel: China: The 4.6 Billion Dollar Market
    Chris Yerga, VP of Engineering & Google Play APAC, Google Moderator: Guangyu Zhang, CEO, AppGame.com
    11:30-11:45 Keynote: The Future of Games From The Perspective of Artificial Intelligence and Watson-like Supercomputers Peng Lu, VP Tencent Game
    Carol Wang, Chief Technology Officer, IBM CDL Can Luo, Chairman, Splus Game
    11:45-12:00 Keynote: ZTE Is Marching From Livingroom Entertainment Into Users Center Aurelien Palasse, VP of Publishing, Greater China, Ubisoft
    Xuetong Chen, EVP, ZTE Duke of Tang, Chairman, Glory Tangs
    Lunch 12:00-13:20
    Lunch 12:00-13:20
    MC: To Be Determined MC: Maxim de Wit, VP of International, GMGC
    13:30-14:15 Panel: Which Game Type Is King? 13:30-14:15 Panel: Tapping Into The MENA Market
    Moderator:Frank Yu, Private Investment Analyst, Deutsche Bank Moderator: Mohamed Matough, Int'l Cooperation Manager, GMGC
    Will Harbin, CEO, KIXEYE Vince Ghossoub, CEO, Falafel Games
    Monte Singman, VP of International BD, iDreamSky Nour Khrais, CEO, Maysalward
    Sam Huang, CEO, TeamTop Game MJ Fahmi, CEO, Babil Games
    Xiawen Yu, CEO, Gavegame Arz Nader, Co-founder and Creative Director, Game Cooks
    David Wu, CEO, Muhe Network Chirag Shah, Head of Carrier Relations, Nazara
    14:15-14:30 Keynote: 2015: Egret Engine Push "New Mobile Game"" Forward 14:15-14:30 Innovate or Die, Using Superstar IP
    Edwin Chen, Founder & CEO Shiru Liu, CEO, GameDo
    14:30-14:45 Keynote: Next Generation Payment For Mobile Gaming 14:30-14:45 Keynote: India - Driving engagement in the Global Epicentre of the Mobile Young
    Jingjing Tan, CEO, Paypalm Technology Siddharth Puri, CEO, Tyroo
    14:45-15:00 Keynote:Linking Entertainment To Gaming: Youzu's Casual Games Publishing Strategy 14:45-15:00 Keynote: Exploring Top Networks for Gaming Retention
    Sean Fang, SVP, Shanghai Youzu Interactive Group Ronen Mense, VP of Asia, AppsFlyer
    15:00-15:15 Keynote: Programmatic Advertising Buying Plays A Big Role In The World Of Mobile 15:00-15:15 Keynote: Going Global, Advice For Chinese Mobile Game Companies
    Neil Zheng, Head of Games Business Promotion and Cooperation, Pinyou Jared Aaron Psigoda, CEO, R2games
    15:15-15:30 Keynote: Cloud Architecture and Cloud Management For Games At Your Fingertips 15:15-15:30 Keynote: Globalization, the next tier of Mobile Games
    Cheng Yang, CEO, Vovole Networks Steven Hu, Co-CEO, Ourpalm
    15:30-15:45 Keynote: The Next Opportunities In Game Investment 15:30-15:45 Keynote: Transformed by Users. VIFI Links The Largest Mobile Internet User Group Outdoors
    Brain Jiang, Managing Director, CICFH Gaming Industry Fund Stephen Zhang, COO, Qianhai VISIONCHINA
    15:45-16:30 Panel: The Future & Opportunities of HTML5 15:45-16:30 Panel: Southeast Asia: The Next Frontier
    Moderator:Drucker, CEO, Lobogame Moderator: Yan Marchal, Chief Bastard, Sanuk Games
    Edwin Chen, Founder & CEO, Egret Technology Vuong Vu Thang, CEO, SohaGame
    Chenghong Xie, Chairman Layabox Anton Soeharyo, CEO, TouchTen Games
    Pu Huang, CEO, I Love Game Christopher Natsuume, Co-Founder, Boomzap Entertainment
    Gary Chen, CEO, Yuwan Interaction Robin Sagacious Ng, Head of International Business, Asiasoft
    Jeff Chen, CEO, Maxthon Johary Mustapha, Founder & CEO, Forest Interactive
    16:30-17:15 Panel: Next Generation Mobile Payments 16:30-17:15 Panel: Global Publishing Strategies
    Moderator: Eric Yu, Youxituoluo.com Moderator: Michael Zhang, CEO, Firefly Games
    Pierre-Andr茅 Galmes, Head of Digital Goods Vertical, APAC, PayPal Ben Zhang, CEO, 247 Technology
    Jiangtao Sun, CEO, ShenZhouFu Sophie Wang, VP, LineKong
    Pongsak Tham, CEO, Easy2Pay Ted Mui, VP, Roadhouse Interactive
    Yuekun Qiu,CEO, iAppPay Billing Arthur Chow, CEO, 6waves
    Iven Wang, President, Upay Payment Olivier Pierre, CEO, BulkyPix
    17:15-18:00 Panel: Is IP The Future? 17:15-18:00 Panel:Chinese Companies Sharing Their Experiences Abroad
    Moderator: Vincent Xu, Co-President, IQIYI Moderator: Leon Zhao, Head of Marketing, Golden Gate Games (G3)
    Kent Byers, CEO, Booster Pack Howard Zhang, President, Kunlun Games
    Shiru Liu, President, GameDo Haiyu Ni, CEO, TalentWalker
    Viva Wang, CEO, Heitao Interactive Network Yongming Pu, VP, GYGame
    Yi Ren, CEO, DeNA China Kenny Chen, SVP, IGG
    Grace Wang, CEO, FeiYin Games
    Jing Zhu, VP, ChinaRading
  • Day 0 (23.04.2015): G50 Game Summit / VIP Welcome Dinner

    G50 Game Summit(Invitation Only)
    Venue: InterContinental Beijing Beichen, Floor 2 Ballrooom B
    16:30-17:00 G50 Game Summit Registration
    17:00-18:30 G50 Game Summit
    VIP Welcome Dinner
    Venue: InterContinental Hotel, Beijing Beichen, Floor 2 Ballroom A+B
    18:30-19:00 Registration
    19:00-19:30 Welcome Speech By Organizer and Government Officials
    National Copyright Administration of the PRC
    Beijing Municipal Bureau of Copyright
    Hangying Yu, Producer, Zhejiang TV
    19:30-19:40 Keynote: Annie Wang, CEO, Baidu Games
    19:40-19:50 Keynote: Ben Zhang,CEO,247 Technology
    19:50-20:00 Keynote: Weibo Chen ,VP, Magn Group
    20:00-21:30 Dinner
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